The Phoenix Thera-Lase is a non-invasive, laser therapy that provides relief from acute and chronic pain, reduces inflammation and scar tissue related to soft tissue injuries. Treatment is quick painless and comfortable.

The Phoenix Thera-Lase Laser System is a portable laser bio-stimulation device that delivers concentrated laser-light energy to deep tissue levels. The break-thru technology delivers energy to a depth that is far greater than the therapeutic lasers currently on the market. Current therapeutic lasers achieve a depth of penetration of about 1 to 1.5 inches.

The Phoenix Thera-Lase Laser delivers energy up to 8 inches below the skin surface. This energy is delivered in a continuous wave rather than the intermittent wave forms used by older technologies. This results in a greater therapeutic benefit to soft tissue and joints.

What is Thera Lase?

The technology that makes Phoenix Thera-Lase effective is, as its name implies, laster technology. The single-wavelength light from the Phoenix Thera-Lase treatment fuels increased blood and oxygen flow deep in your tissues, at a cellular level. By soaking up the light energy, your cells are then able to store more energy and initiate the bone and tissue regeneration that makes healing possible.

Phoenix Thera-Lase treatments markedly reduce pain and inflammation caused by acute injury and chronic conditions. The treatment's stimulative quality causes your body to heal itself more rapidly than it would otherise, without treatement.


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